How to monitor environmental conditions using the ENVIRONMENT-MINI-LXO

Configuration and cable illustration of the mini environment system monitoring room conditions including temperature, humidity, liquid and door contacts.

How to set up email alerts with IP camera snapshots when triggered by magnetic card reader or keypad

Card reader or keypad must have output relays that will activate on desired events, such as failed entry, successful entry, forced entry, etc. Connect output relays to the ENVIROMUX-MINI-LXO digital inputs. Access the web interface to configure IP camera and alert settings. Under Monitoring > IP Cameras, select "Configure IP Cameras" to add desired IP camera address. Select Digital Input > Digital Input Configuration and choose the corresponding output relay connections. Set-up appropriate alert settings and ensure that "Enable E-mail Alerts" and "Attach IP camera capture to email" are checked and the desired IP camera is selected; for example, if digital input #1 is normally-open, an email alert and IP camera snapshot should trigger if it is closed. Check that all user and email alert settings are correct.