Small Enterprise Environment Monitoring System

How to monitor environmental conditions using the ENVIROMUX-2D

Use Smart Alerts to Inhibit Motion Sensor When Entering a Room Using a Keypad

Events and Smart Alerts can be set-up to enable a configuration that will allow the disabling of motion sensors during the time an operator enters an enclosed area via a keypad, but will re-arm the motion sensors when he exits the area and re-enters the keypad code. This requires the keypad output relay, which will be programmed in "Start/Stop" mode instead of timed delay, to be connected as a digital input to the ENVIROMUX and an output relay from the ENVIROMUX that will activate the door strike when the correct code is entered.

For details on how to set up this configuration, refer to the Knowledge Base entry.

Use a Single USB 3G Modem to Send Out SMS Alerts from Multiple ENVIROMUX Units.

Set up the ENVIROMUX-3GU on one ENVIROMUX unit. Access the web interface of the ENVIROMUX equipped with the modem, and click on Administration > Enterprise, and expand SMS Relay. Select the checkbox for "Enable Server"; this only applies to the ENVIROMUX unit with the modem. Access the other ENVIROMUX units' web interface (no modem) and navigate to SMS Relay. Select the checkbox for "Use remote unit to send SMS" and in the textbox, "Remote unit IP Address," type in the IP address of the ENVIROMUX unit with the ENVIROMUX-3GU. Configure any desired SMS alert settings on all ENVIROMUX units. Any SMS alert messages triggered on the other ENVIROMUX units will be sent through the Ethernet to the main SMS alert unit, which will then use the ENVIROMUX-3GU to send the messages. This reduces the number of ENVIROMUX-3GU units needed to support SMS alerts when using multiple ENVIROMUX units. This SMS relay function is not restricted to identical units and can be integrated with any number and type of ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D units.